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2010 CJR Spring Open Results

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We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We want to say thanks to all the participants of the Club JOOLA Spring Open!  It was a fun filled event and we're starting to plan for the next one.  So stay tuned!

Check out photos from the event on Facebook.  If you aren't a fan on facebook, please become one.  Also, you can follow us on twitter.  http://www.twitter.com/clubjoola

Day 1 Photos
Day 2 Photos

1st: Lukmon Oseni
2nd: Nazruddin Asgarli

U2300 RR
1st: Lukmon Oseni
2nd: Richard Bowling

U2100 RR
1st: Basir Sabeti
2nd: Qiming Chen

U1900 RR
1st: Xinsheng Michael Huang
2nd: Konstantin Cherednik

U1700 RR
1st: Dennis Norman
2nd: Nobuhiko Koyama

U1500 RR
1st: Dennis Norman
2nd: Frank Onwona

U1300 RR
1st: Tamim Rajendram
2nd: Fred Siskand

U1100 RR

1st: Fred Siskand
2nd: Wael Abdalmageed

Over 60
1st: Michael Clarke
2nd: Fred Siskand

Over 40
1st: Travis Jones
2nd: Morton Greenberg

1st: Kai Dong
2nd: Jonathan Messervy


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